Minds Flight Activity Update May 2022

Minds Flight Activity Update

We wanted to let you know what we have achieved with your support since becoming a charity in December 2020. First, would like to thank those of you who kindly donated.

As you know Minds Flight helps those with life-limiting conditions to improve their lives and their carers.

Since our start in 2020 we have been providing support to people online and also by telephone as we have all been coping with COVID-19. Those we have helped have mostly been understandable suffering with stress or frustration amplified by the current COVID-19 situation.

“Thank you for your kind words of support its good to talk to someone who also suffers seizures themselves.” (Person from Wales)

"Thank you so much for reaching out to me. It truly means the world." (Sarah from Canada)

Mostly those we have helped needed support by just being there to communicate with and listen either through social media or on the phone. The support we provide in confidential and if you need support, then please get in touch.

We have also been researching and trying to find out why so many of our brave military veterans seem to fall through the cracks of the care and housing system. And we are working to help them rather than just signposting those that need help on.

Part of our strategy for Minds Flight is not to reinvent the wheel we know that there are many charities out there providing help. So we are instead looking and worked with local partners and enhance their help by providing what they need through grant support. We are actively looking for individuals with life-limiting conditions that may have fallen through the cracks of the health and social care system.

It has been hard to fund raise during this pandemic and we are thankful to those who have donated to us. We have been able only to make some small grants and here is an example of where some of your donations have gone.

We are helping in a small way to change Olivia’s life!

Minds Flight has provided a small grant to help with costs of Olivia’s rehabilitation and therapy to give her a better quality of life. Olivia is from Peterborough who developed cerebral palsy after suffering major bleeds on the brain and the family are seeking funds to pay for private rehabilitation and therapy as they did not get the right help from the NHS.

Mum Marzena says: “Olivia was in the care of the NHS therapists since she was four months old. Nevertheless, they did nothing to help her, apart from telling us her actual state. I don’t want to think what could have happened if it wasn’t for the private therapist.”

Olivia is now making good progress. And is a small way off from their £7500 funding target we have provided to the charity that is helping with her rehabilitation. We hope to follow up on Olivia's progress over the coming year.

We have also made a small grant to a London organisation which works with disabled children and adults they have recently set up a café where carers can come and get support and running fun days out. Minds Flight hopes to support and work with them further.

We need your support to help more people so please donate so we can do this as we have applicants already waiting who badly need help and support and we can’t help them without your kind donations.

If you would like to help with fundraising for us, please get in touch. If you know of someone who needs help or support please put them in touch with us.

Minds Flight Team

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