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Who can apply and how and full Grant Making Policy below:

Minds Flight wants to ensure that those who need a time out activity or much needed break away have the opportunity, this depends on the funds we have to grant. 

The quickest way to find out if you or the person you care for is eligible to apply is by emailing us here: mindsfilght(at) 

Here is our main Minds Flight Grant Making Policy - if you want to read our full policy for the Haigh Foundation please click here.

If you would like to help us provide more grants, please consider donating to us via the Give page.

If you know someone who would benefit from a break away or a time out activity then they need to be referred. The application should normally be made on behalf of the client by someone with a medical background such as a GP, or one of the following:
  • Social workers
  • Occupational therapists 
  • District Nurses 
  • Health centre or hospital staff 
  • Other charities 
  • Citizens Advice Bureau 
The trustees may consider applications from other individuals, organisations or carers, please contact us via email for more information. To find out what grants we have currently available please sign up to our newsletter here.

Main Policy - How to apply:

Application process and expectations

All applications for grants should be made by requesting and submitting a completed application form by email;

All applications must be made endorsed by a suitably qualified health or social care professional or other person approved by us.

Before awarding a grant to an organisation or an individual, the Trustees require that the application should:

  • Inform the Trustees of the purpose of the application or choice of grant from the 'Go page', details of the carer’s situation, the way in which the grant will be used and how it will be managed effectively for its intended purpose.
  • Demonstrate that the recipient (whether an organisation or an individual) has and will be adequately insured both in relation to any equipment and facilities purchased by the grant but also in relation to any risk of injury arising by reason of the project or purposes for which the grant is awarded including injury to those participating in that project or those purposes; and sign the application form to state that the applicant undertakes to comply with the general terms and conditions including that the presentation of a cheque, voucher or acceptance of funds through bank transfer deems that the recipient has accepted these and any additional terms and conditions contained in a letter of grant between the Charity and the grant recipient and agrees to be bound by them. 

Assessment Process
All grant applications will be subject to initial assessment to ensure they meet the basic criteria for funding. Grants will be considered by the Trustees at the nearest opportunity and the Trustees will aim to write to all applicants informing them of the outcome of their application for funding within one month of the date of the application.

We ask that you let us know which of the grants from our 'Go page' would be considered appropriate for your client, we will adjust the grants according to the disability needs of the client.

Applicants should note that, as with many other charitable trusts, it receives far more applications that it has funds to support.

Even if an application fits within the eligibility criteria and priorities of the Trust and a detailed assessment has been made, the Trust may still be unable to provide a grant.

The Trustees will not be obliged to provide an explanation to the applicant should their application be unsuccessful.

Applicants that are unsuccessful may re-apply to the Trust from 12 months after the date of their most recent application. Applicants that are awarded a grant must leave a year following the date of the final payment before applying for another grant. Mind Flight will only consider applications outside of these time scales in exceptional circumstances.

The number of applications/projects which can be supported is, of necessity, limited to the amount of funds available for distribution in any year.

This policy will be reviewed every year (or more often if deemed appropriate by the Trustees) and may be changed in accordance with the Trustees’ view of the most effective application of available funds at any point in time.

Please note that once Mind Flight has provided a grant towards an item or service for an applicant this then becomes the property of the applicant and therefore the Trust holds no responsibility for any maintenance, after care service or any dispute that may at anytime occur with the supplier.

Please contact us with any questions or initial grants application inquiries via email.

Last Reviewed July 2020.

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